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Gel Pad Inserts

Solo $125

Dual $175

Return Ground Shipping Included in price, WOW!!


We remove your seat cover, router out the foam and insert the gel into your seat. It is then covered with a thin layer of foam and your cover is carefully stretched back over your seat. This does not change the shape of your seat.

At Boss Hogg Custom Motorcycle Seats we use a viscolastic dry polymer. This is a stable solid, not a liquid so it will not leak, get as hot in the sun, freeze, or ruin the seat cover like liquid gels will if they get a hole in them. The gel forms to your rear reducing pressure points and increasing blood flow giving a much more comfortable ride. Our gel distributes the weight of the rider evenly over the surface of the seat to relieve stress points. No More Numb Butt!!! 100's of satisfied customers!!

$125 Solo Seat or Driver Seat insert only. Return Ground Shipping Included. Click and pay through Paypal, then ship seat to Boss Hogg Custom Motorcycle Seats, 3830 Dilido Road, Dallas Texas, 75228. One Day Turnaround time from receipt of seat.

$175 Get your inserts in both the Driver and Passenger section of your seat. Shipping and payment instrutions as above.

click here to play video


Getting ready to add a Gel pad insert to this passenger seat

First we carefully remove the cover and cut out and smooth the foam to fit the gel pad


The gel pad is then inserted into place level with the foam

A thin layer of foam is then place over the gel pad to insure a smooth fit and add to the comfort


A water proof wrap is then used to cover the seat area

The cover is carefully stretched back over the seat and attached, we then clean the seat and it is done and much more comfortable